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Lets Make Longboarding Great Again.

Fifty years of ISPO Munich – surely this is a reason to celebrate! We, the Longboard Embassy community, are rightly proud to be part of the largest sporting goods fair in the world. But ISPO is not a trade show in the traditional sense. It is THE definitive meeting point for the international sports scene. Whether professional footballers or skateboarders, everyone has had their own place here for decades. And the network that has developed at ISPO is truly gigantic. But something else characterizes ISPO: It invests in sports and communities that other, more cynical observers might deem dead or even non-existent. I’m happy to report that ISPO has grown with every passing year, and now it will even re-add summer editions as held in previous eras.

" But first, a few words about… greed, resentment, and wasted resources… "
Alexander Lenz
Editor Stokedmagazine

Shaking our heads in disbelief, in recent years we saw other parties attempt, in vain, to establish another trade show platform for longboarding. A mixture of ingratitude and frustration over their own failures seems to have motivated them to disseminate “hate speech” about ISPO – imagining that the Munich fair maliciously exploits board athletes and the board-sports industry. At this juncture it is critical to remember that good vibes are created not by hatred but by passion. So when encountering online talk about the “death” of the big trade shows, one should always consider the source and their motivations. If marketing budgets are not allocated to trade fairs, where does the money go? Towards online advertising! Google, Facebook, and Instagram have enjoyed titanic success. For most smaller advertisers, though, online can be a mass grave. But successful companies learn from past mistakes. Instead of continuing to over-invest in online campaigns, many are finding their way back to traditional forms of advertising. Of course, online advertising is indispensible. It would be wrong to pretend otherwise, or to demonize it. But is the effort justified on the current scale? Sizeable web-based shops with SEO specialists certainly benefit from online campaigns… but not to the extent that is always claimed.

Especially in the B2B space, we keep hearing statements like “I can see that on Instagram” or “I can look that up on Facebook.” But on the anonymous Interwebs, it is impossible to speak one-on-one with company founders, learn about the ideas and drives of industry leaders, or talk about the future over a beer in the evening. Only a trade fair brings these opportunities.

By now it has become a cliché marketing path: Burn your money online by creating dozens of click campaigns that point to your online store. But too often the main beneficiaries are third-world click farms, with unwitting philantrhopists in the industrialized world paying for pseudo-traffic. The bottom line, and the point I want to emphasize: People, let’s all get along with one another. And come to ISPO – as either a visitor or exhibitor. Promote the sport you love. Push the market. “Make Longboarding Great Again!”

If you need tickets, just contact us. Some of you may ask, What has ISPO done for us? There is not a shred of doubt that without ISPO’s significant financial support, the Longboard Embassy would never have existed and could not now continue. It is no secret that the longboard industry has been struggling, and many brands shut down after the boom that lasted from 2012 to 2015.

These days do you ever hear news from… – Asphalt Nomads – Bareknuckle – Big Bang Boards – Casino – Geco – Kalawa Collective – Mathilda – Merge – NOSWELL… or… RollsRolls – Root – Sexdecks – Solala – Wefunk?

These are some of the German longboard manufacturers that have quit the business in recent years – a few of them before 2016, but even more during the period 2016 – 2018: probably the absolute low point for the industry. I used to compile and share a comprehensive list of contact info for German shops, but it’s no longer a viable effort given that many of them have closed their doors – casualties of the e-commerce era. Countless brands and shops outside Germany that were active in 2012 have also fallen. But our industry, dedicated to board-sports lifestyles for nearly 60 years now, remains confident and faithful.

Longboarding, in ever-evolving forms, is returning to the streets – because sunshine inevitably follows the rain. In recent years the surf-skate category has heated up, no small thanks to the powerful showcase provided by ISPO, and many new brands have emerged from the boom. The electric skateboard category has also become a bright new star in our industry’s ever-shifting skies… and here, too, the world’s largest sporting goods fair is indisputably the best platform to present them. Finally, the traditional longboard market is also picking up again – as in 2011 and 2012, we see signs of growth in both the U.S. and Europe. A new generation of customers is emerging, possibly crossing over from the worlds of Fortnite or Pokemon. The Longboard Embassy is returning in 2020, too. ISPO has even expanded our space – to 660 square meters. We have long imagined a “two-story event,” and it’s finally coming! In the upper area you will find a meeting room, a chill-out area (where you can watch Techramp’s Waveramp), and our TV studio.


Longboardbuch The Lost History of Longboarding

Das Longboardbuch „The Lost History of Longboarding“ ist im März von Ministry-of-Stoke veröffentlich worden. Auf und unter  ist nun das deutsche Buch zur

Update Präsentationsflächen / Booth Space

Auf der Longboard-Embassy 2016 wird es eng. Es sind nur noch zweimal 3×1,50 frei  und einmal 1×1,50 Meter Also können noch insgesamt drei Anbieter teilnehmen.

Präsentationsflächen beinahe ausgebucht

Bereits Anfang Oktober ist die Longboard-Embassy beinahe ausgebucht. Wir verfügen nur noch über wenige Flächen. Dies wären 1x  1meter 1,50-1,80 3x 3meter  1,50-1,80 1x 4