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YOW truly brings SURFING to the streets. It doesn’t matter if you are far away from the coast or if the surf conditions are bad, surfskating provides the same sensations as surfing as soon as you pass your doorway… it’s YOUR OWN WAVE!

Image being able to enjoy the same sliding sensations and perform the same moves you usually do on a surfboard while improving your surfing kills and strengthing all the muscles involved in surfing… YOW surfskate!)

You can change the way YOW rides thanks to the 3 different spring hardnesses included in the YOW system, A soft one to recreate surfing sensations and the quick radical turns of a short surfboard. A medium one for a balanced feel and all around fun” And a hard one for allowing softer, wider turns and more control at high speed.

Moreover, the YOW system allows you to change the wheelbase (distance between wheels) bringing in another kind of response from your board. Each wheelbase brings a different sensation: a shorter wheelbase will provide more radical turns while a longer wheelbase will allow softer and wider turns. , you just need to try both on your surfskate to feel wich one makes you feel more confortable.

Thus, by combining the different wheelbase positions and the different spring hardnesses, the YOW device can easily suit every kind of rider, and match every sensation that a rider is looking for his surfskate, allowing him to experience and enjoy surfskating.

YOW also includes a blocking system wich is another important innovation, a simple wrench will allow you to block or “turn off” the YOW system and use it as a regular skateboard truck, so you have a surfskate and a cruiser at the same time. All these points make YOW’s versatility unmatched.

These innovations cambined with the highest skateboard deck quality and Caliber trucks make the YOW system the best surf simulator and the best surf trainer on the market. You can mount it on any pool or cruiser deck that you already own, or even try it on a longboard, you can turn any board into a surfskate. Now you have no excuse for not enjoying surfskating… YOUR OWN WAVE!



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