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The name Madrid has been an icon in the skateboarding in-dustry ever since somebody decided to stick four wheels to a pice of wood. Jerry Madrid started out shaping surfboards in his parents garage in the late 1960s in Norwalk, Cali-fornia. When the waves weren’t good, Jerry enjoyed riding the streets instead of the water. With his passion for shaping boards, it is no sur-prise that his surfboard sha-ping turned into skateboard shaping. After bringing the first downhill concave to the market 1979 on the Roger Hickey model, Madrid boasted a powerhouse team through the 80s with names like Mike Smith, Beau Brown, John Lucero and Bill Danforth. Today, Madrid Skateboards remains as one of the most well-respected and innovative names in the skateboard and longboard industry with a talented team of pro riders leading the way. Madrid Skateboards is located in Huntington Beach, California USA and gets distributed in Germany by Nitro Snowboards Handels GmbH since 2011.

Madrid Skateboards Germany
Bergstrasse 11
82024 Taufkirchen
Phone: + 49 89 30 90 8790

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